Nike Free 2014 Running Collection

Three new running shoes are helping Nike celebrate the 10-year anniversary of its iconic Free design. According to the brand, the new collection offers the most technologically advanced running shoes to date.Speaking about the Free 3.0 and 4.0 Flyknit as well as the Free 5.0, Rob Dolan, Senior Footwear Design Director at the firm’s running division, said Nike had “revolutionised” the way each works.“By utilising new technologies and the principles of natural motion, we’re really able to allow the foot to move for the runner in a way we’ve never been able to do before.”

The American company claims lab data, athlete insights and studies into foot motion were considered when producing the three designs.One conclusion drawn from the research showed that runners’ feet do not move in a straight line. As a result, the design team has used multi-directional flexibility to deliver natural motion.Impressed with its findings, Nike has released a short film showing Dolan discussing the science behind the new styles.

Other new features for 2014 include hexagonal flex grooves on the soles. These are said to aid the multi-directional flexibility while helping the runner’s foot to move freely. An improved anatomical shape is also designed to mimic the natural shape of the free run sale

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