Sundays in S? o Paulo, Brasil, Maura Arrouda, also referred to as Kiki, heads downtown to Elevado Costa e Silva, an elevated highway that closes to cars on weekends. The concrete trail called Minhoc? o by locals, snakes with the city, revealing its eclectic architecture and enticing a legion of runners, like Kiki, who wish to bring focus on the region and transform it into an vibrant and active community. When running together, a ripple effect happens. One runner inspires another and pretty soon you are feeling this transformative effect, she describes.

Approximately 220 miles west in Rio de Janeiro, an identical movement has gripped the town. It offers inspired former decathlete Leo Brazil to reprise the passion for running that propelled him around his childhood neighborhood during raucous games of seek and hide – a diversion that resulted in his discovery with a track coach and his awesome eventual athletic feats. Even growing up in an environment full of difficult options, i succeeded because I got involved in the right things. Sports allowed me to enjoy the streets in different ways, he recalls. His goal would be to provide this same chance to generations to come.

Nearby, DJ Kalil Motta also embraces running being a tool for change; he employs his musical chops to maneuver people. tunes and friends. Music blends with running in this natural way, he explains. I prefer to use music to persuade folks to obtain go and motivated further and further.

The disparate group’s collective belief in the effectiveness of running can also be embraced by Rapha Lopes, another Rio de Janeiro resident, that has graduated from 5k treadmill runs to street races to striving on her personal best at any distance. She pursues this goal with the help of her dog, Rapha’s preferred running partner. I really like animals and running along with them is a big motivator, not forgetting fun.

Each athlete’s enthusiasm for running helped launch Nike’s Vem Junto, an invitation for individuals to make use of sports to change themselves and trigger a collective movement for change. Vem Junto, meaning get together in Portuguese, is definitely an online platform allowing athletes to operate according to their passions and private causes. Moreover, this October, it can allow Leo, Kiki, Kalil and Rapha to consider their experience with other locals within their respective neighborhoods. Many more will join them around the streets or via Nike .For further details, visit

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