Nike Runners Obtain the Next Generation Moving

Nike believes in the effectiveness of sport to alter the planet, explains Jorge Casimiro, VP of Nike Global Community Impact. The world, however, is moving less. To assist break this cycle of inactivity, were teaming with organizations that share our dedication to getting kids moving through fun, positive experiences.

The summer months-long 2015 Nike Find Your Fast Challenge culminates August 30, when legions of Nike runners will pursue their fastest mile. To motivate much more Nike runners to sign up, Nike will donate one dollar for each Nike runner who logs a mile on that date, for any commitment as high as $100,000 to become split equally between three nonprofits: Marathon Kids (United states), Shanghai Charity Foundation (China) and Projeto Vida? Corrida (Brazil) each focused on empowering young athletes around the world to become active through running

Marathon Kids is focused on improving children’s health by way of a fun, goal-driven youth running program. Additionally, the business recently announced a partnership with Nike. Together, on the next a couple of years, Marathon Nike and Kids try to motivate over 500,000 United states kids to operate. Shanghai Charity Foundation provides positive physical? activity experiences to kids in schools and native communities in Shanghai, China while Projeto Vida Corrida introduces the happiness of running to kids, ages? 7 to 12 years of age, and ladies residing in the outskirts of? the town of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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